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Oh hey, I’m Jenn

A little about me

Figuring out life didn't come easily to me. I didn't know who I was, or how to be okay in my own skin. I based my worth off of how much others needed me, but didn't know how to be there for my own damn self. Being what everyone else wanted me to be left no room to become who I was meant to. I was lost with no purpose or direction, which led me down an unhealthy path of self destruction.

I was on what we call "suicide on the installment plan." I didnt want to live, but I didnt have it in me to kill myself either.

So instead, I turned to drugs and anything else I could use to disconnect.

That disconnection led to homelessness, intravenous drug use, mental hospitals, jail and eventually two terms in prison.

Now, as a multiple business owner, best selling author, award winning speaker and lifestyle recovery coach, I've been on a mission to shift the growing epidemic of chronic disconnection and unhealthy lifestyle habits that have become the norm in our society. I believe that our inability to connect to who we truly are and what we actually want in life, has led to the decline of our society’s mental, physical and spiritual health. Now, my goal is to help as many people as possible, to reach the level of success in their health, life and business that they truly desire, by learning to say no to what is no longer serving them and yes to what will.

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Reader Reviews

Even though I didn't have the same experiences as the author, I definitely could relate to so much of this book. I love that not only does she share her personal journey, but the exact steps she took to change the course of her life and take her power back. A must read for sure.

Melinda LeGrande

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Unleashing Resilience by Jenn Henry


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